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Cooperative associationsWho may organize.

Any number of persons may associate themselves together as a cooperative association, society, company or exchange, with or without capital stock, for the transaction of any lawful business on the cooperative plan. For the purposes of this chapter the words "association," "company," "exchange," "society" or "union" shall be construed the same.
[ 1989 c 307 § 4; 1913 c 19 § 1; RRS § 3904. Formerly RCW 23.56.010.] [1954 SLC-RO-7]


Legislative finding1989 c 307: See note following RCW 23.86.007.
Severability1913 c 19: "If any section or part of a section of this act shall for any cause be held unconstitutional such fact shall not affect the remainder of this act." [ 1913 c 19 § 20.] This applies to RCW 23.86.010 through 23.86.190.
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