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Right of entry.

Every corporation incorporated or that may hereafter be incorporated under the laws of this state or of any other state or territory, and qualified to transact business in this state for the purpose of acquiring, owning or operating public warehouses or elevators for storing and handling grain, produce and other agricultural commodities which may desire to erect and operate any such public warehouse or elevator, or to erect and operate tramways or cable tramways for the purpose of carrying, conveying or transporting such grain, produce or commodities to or from such warehouse or elevator or to acquire rights-of-way for roadways to and from such warehouse or elevator or to acquire boat landing or wharving facilities in connection with such warehouse or elevator shall have the right to enter upon any lands proposed to be used for any such purpose for the purpose of examining, locating and surveying the lines and boundaries thereof, doing no unnecessary damage thereby.
[ 1919 c 98 § 2; RRS § 11567.]
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