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Transactions conducted by certain persons exempt from prohibition under RCW 21.30.020.

The prohibition in RCW 21.30.020 does not apply to any transaction offered by and in which any of the following persons (or any employee, officer, or director thereof acting solely in that capacity) is the purchaser or seller:
(1) A person registered with the commodity futures trading commission as a futures commission merchant or as a leverage transaction merchant but only as to those activities that require such registration;
(2) A person affiliated with, and whose obligations and liabilities are guaranteed by, a person referred to in subsection (1) or (5) of this section;
(3) A person who is a member of a contract market designated by the commodity futures trading commission (or any clearinghouse thereof);
(4) A financial institution;
(5) A person registered under chapter 21.20 RCW as a securities broker-dealer holding a general securities license whose activities require such registration;
(6) A person registered as a commodity broker-dealer or commodity sales representative in accordance with this chapter; or
(7) Any person who meets all of the following conditions:
(a) Prior to engaging in any transaction which would otherwise be prohibited under RCW 21.30.020, the person:
(i) Files a claim of exemption on a form prescribed by the director; and
(ii) Files a consent to service of process pursuant to RCW 21.30.190;
(b) The person files a renewal of a claim for exemption not less than every two years on a form prescribed by the director;
(c) The person engages only in those commodity transactions in which the purchaser pays, and the seller receives, one hundred percent of the purchase price in cash or cash equivalent within ten days of the contract of sale;
(d) The person receives no more than twenty-five percent of the total dollar amount of its gross sales of commodities in any fiscal year from commodity contracts or commodity options;
(e) The person's gross profit on all transactions in commodity contracts or commodity options does not exceed five hundred thousand dollars in the fiscal year immediately preceding any year for which the person claims the exemption contained in this subsection, or one million dollars in the two fiscal years immediately preceding any year for which the person claims the exemption;
(f) The person maintains standard property and casualty insurance in an amount sufficient to cover the value of commodities stored for customers.
"Registered," for the purposes of this section, means holding a registration that has not expired, been suspended, or been revoked. The exemptions under this section shall not apply to any transaction or activity which is prohibited by the commodity exchange act or CFTC rule.
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