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Time of taking effect of registration statement by qualificationConditions.

A registration statement by qualification under RCW 21.20.210 becomes effective if no stop order is in effect and no proceeding is pending under RCW 21.20.280 and 21.20.300, at three o'clock Pacific standard time in the afternoon of the fifteenth full business day after the filing of the registration statement or the last amendment, or at such earlier time as the director determines. The director may require as a condition of registration under this section that a prospectus containing any information necessary for complete disclosure of any material fact relating to the security offering be sent or given to each person to whom an offer is made before or concurrently with (1) the first written offer made to him or her (other than by means of a public advertisement) by or for the account of the issuer or any other person on whose behalf the offering is being made, or by any underwriter or broker-dealer who is offering part of an unsold allotment or subscription taken by him or her as a participant in the distribution, (2) the confirmation of any sale made by or for the account of any such person, (3) payment pursuant to any such sale, or (4) delivery of the security pursuant to any such sale, whichever first occurs; but the director may accept for use under any such requirement a current prospectus or offering circular regarding the same securities filed under the Securities Act of 1933 or regulations thereunder.


Effective date1974 ex.s. c 77: See note following RCW 21.20.040.
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