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Annual conference of judgesJudge's expenses.

The supreme court of this state may provide by rule or special order for the holding in this state of an annual conference of the judges of the courts of record of this state, judges of the courts of limited jurisdiction, and invited members of the bar, for the consideration of matters relating to judicial business, the improvement of the judicial system and the administration of justice. Each judge attending such annual judicial conference shall be entitled to be reimbursed for travel expenses in accordance with RCW 43.03.050 and 43.03.060 as now existing or hereafter amended, to be paid from state appropriations made for the purposes of this chapter.
[ 1981 c 331 § 15; 1975-'76 2nd ex.s. c 34 § 6; 1957 c 259 § 6.]


Court Congestion Reduction Act of 1981PurposeSeverability1981 c 331: See notes following RCW 2.32.070.
Effective dateSeverability1975-'76 2nd ex.s. c 34: See notes following RCW 2.08.115.
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