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Among the powers to supervise the actual operation of any such bureau, which shall be exercised either by the bar board itself or in its discretion by the committee, are the following:
(1) To appoint and remove at will the director and to fix the amount of his or her salary not in excess of two hundred dollars per month;
(2) To engage and discharge all other employees of the bureau and to fix their salaries or remuneration;
(3) To assist the director in supplying the free services of attorneys for the bureau;
(4) To cooperate with the dean of any law school now or hereafter established within this state respecting the participation of law students in the rendition of services by the bureau under the guidance of the directorhowever, by this provision, no law student shall be deemed authorized to represent as an attorney in a court of record any legal aid client;
(5) To require of the director periodically written statements of account and written reports upon any and all subjects within the operation of the bureau;
(6) To prescribe rules and regulations, always subject to the bar board, for determination of the indigent persons who are entitled to legal aid, for determination of the kinds of legal problems and cases subject to legal aid, and for determination of all operative legal aid policies not inconsistent with this chapter;
(7) To advise the county board, for its budget upon its written request, as to the estimated amount of county funds reasonably required to effectively operate the bureau for the ensuing fiscal year;
(8) To receive county funds allocated by the county board for the bureau, and to render an account thereof at the times and in the manner reasonably required by the county board;
(9) To disburse such county funds, after receipt thereof, solely for the purposes contemplated by this chapter.
[ 2011 c 336 § 70; 1939 c 93 § 8; RRS § 10007-208. Formerly RCW 74.36.080.]
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