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Duties of official reporter.

It shall be the duty of each official reporter appointed under RCW 2.32.180 through 2.32.310 to attend every term of the superior court in the county or judicial district for which he or she is appointed, at such times as the judge presiding may direct; and upon the trial of any cause in any court, if either party to the suit or action, or his or her attorney, request the services of the official reporter, the presiding judge shall grant such request, or upon his or her own motion such presiding judge may order a full report of the testimony, exceptions taken, and all other oral proceedings; in which case the official reporter shall cause accurate shorthand notes of the oral testimony, exceptions taken, and other oral proceedings had, to be taken, except when the judge and attorneys dispense with his or her services with respect to any portion of the proceedings therein, which notes shall be filed in the office of the clerk of the superior court where such trial is had.
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