Chapter 2.06 RCW



HTMLPDF 2.06.010Court of appeals establishedDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 2.06.020DivisionsLocationsJudges enumeratedDistricts.
HTMLPDF 2.06.022Effective date for Snohomish county judicial positionInitial term.
HTMLPDF 2.06.024Effective date for Pierce county judicial positionInitial term.
HTMLPDF 2.06.030General powers and authorityTransfers of casesAppellate jurisdiction, exceptionsAppeals.
HTMLPDF 2.06.040PanelsDecisions, publication as opinions, whenSessionsRules.
HTMLPDF 2.06.045When open for transaction of business.
HTMLPDF 2.06.050Qualifications of judges.
HTMLPDF 2.06.062Salary of judges.
HTMLPDF 2.06.064Reimbursement of expenses for travel to and from division headquarters.
HTMLPDF 2.06.070Original appointmentsElection of judgesTerms of office.
HTMLPDF 2.06.075Appointments to positions created by 1977 ex.s. c 49 § 1ElectionTerms of office.
HTMLPDF 2.06.076Appointments to positions created by 1993 c 420 § 1ElectionAppointmentTerms of office.
HTMLPDF 2.06.080Vacancy, how filled.
HTMLPDF 2.06.085Oath of judges.
HTMLPDF 2.06.090Practice of law, seeking nonjudicial elective office prohibited.
HTMLPDF 2.06.100Retirement.
HTMLPDF 2.06.110Reporting defects or omissions in the laws.
HTMLPDF 2.06.150Judge pro temporeAppointmentOath of office.
HTMLPDF 2.06.160Judge pro temporeRemuneration.


Commissioners of the court of appeals: Rules of court: CAR 16.
Court of appeals reports: RCW 2.32.160, 40.04.100, and 40.04.110.
Washington court reports commission: RCW 2.32.160.