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Issuance of licenseFee.

In order to obtain such license the person applying therefor shall pay to the county treasurer of the county for which the license is sought the sum of six thousand dollars, and upon such payment being made to the county treasurer he or she shall issue his or her receipt therefor which shall be presented to the auditor of the county, who shall upon the presentation thereof issue to the person making such payment a license to furnish or sell, or a license to use, for one year, trading stamps, coupons, tickets, certificates, cards, or other similar devices. Such license shall contain the name of the licensee, the date of its issue, the date of its expiration, the city or town in which and the location at which the same shall be used, and the license shall be used at no place other than that mentioned therein.
[ 2011 c 336 § 553; 1913 c 134 § 2; RRS § 8360. Formerly RCW 36.91.020.]
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