Chapter 19.72 RCW



19.72.020Individual suretiesEligibility.
19.72.030Individual suretiesNumberQualification.
19.72.040Individual suretiesExaminationApproval.
19.72.060Corporate surety.
19.72.070Subrogation of surety.
19.72.080Contribution among sureties.
19.72.090Default by suretyIndemnity.
19.72.100Notice to creditor to institute action.
19.72.101Failure of creditor to proceedDischarge of surety.
19.72.107Surety bondLiability limited.
19.72.109Release from official's, executor's, licensee's, etc., bondDefinitions.
19.72.110Release from official's, executor's, licensee's, etc., bondNotice, service, proof.
19.72.130Release from official's, executor's, licensee's, etc., bondEffective dateFailure to give new bond, effect.
19.72.140SuretyshipRaising issue as defendant.
19.72.141SuretyshipOrder to exhaust principal's property.
19.72.150Heirs, etc., boundException.
19.72.160AssetsSafekeeping agreementsJoint control of deposits.
19.72.170Bonds not to fail for want of form or substance.
19.72.180Successive recoveries on bondLimitation.
19.72.901ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Bail and appearance bonds: Chapter 10.19 RCW.
Bond of executor or administrator: Chapter 11.28 RCW.
seals, effect of absence from instrument: RCW 64.04.105.
surety: Chapter 48.28 RCW.
Official bonds, in general: Chapter 42.08 RCW.