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The definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise.
(1) "Admission ticket" means evidence of a right of entry to a venue or an entertainment event.
(2) "Affinity group" means an identifiable group of people who are members of the same organization, or who are customers of the same person, and who enjoy special privileges.
(3) "Event" means a concert, theatrical performance, sporting event, exhibition, show, or other similar activity held in this state.
(4) "Initial sale" means the first sale of an admission ticket by the ticket seller. "Initial sale" also includes the distribution of admission tickets under an agreement between the ticket seller and the recipient.
(5) "Person" means any individual, partnership, corporation, limited liability company, other organization, or any combination thereof.
(6) "Place of entertainment" means any privately or publicly owned or operated entertainment facility within this state, such as a theater, stadium, museum, arena, park, racetrack, or other place where concerts, theatrical performances, sporting events, exhibitions, shows, or other similar activities are held and for which an entry fee is charged.
(7) "Presale" means a sale of admission tickets at or below the price printed on the ticket by, or with the permission of, a ticket seller, prior to their release to the general public.
(8) "Promoter" means a person who organizes financing and publicity for an entertainment event.
(9) "Ticket seller" means a person that makes admission tickets available, directly or indirectly, at an initial presale or sale to the general public, and may include an owner or operator of a place of entertainment, a sponsor or promoter of an event, a sports team participating in an event, a fan club or affinity group, a theater company, a musical group, or similar participant in an event, or an employee or agent of any such person.
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