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The definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise.
(1) "Article or product" means any tangible article or product, but excludes: (a) Any services sold, offered for sale, or made available in this state, including free services and online services; (b) any product subject to regulation by the United States food and drug administration and that is primarily used for medical or medicinal purposes; (c) food and beverages; and (d) restaurant services.
(2) "Copyrightable end product" means a work within the subject matter of copyright as specified in section 102 of Title 17, United States Code, and which for the purposes of this chapter includes mask works protection as specified in section 902 of Title 17, United States Code.
(3) "Essential component" means a component of an article or product provided or to be provided to a third party pursuant to a contract, including a purchase order, without which the article or product will not perform as intended and for which there is no substitute component available that offers a comparable range and quality of functionalities and is available in comparable quantities and at a comparable price.
(4) "Manufacture" means to directly manufacture, produce, or assemble an article or product subject to RCW 19.330.020, in whole or substantial part, but does not include contracting with or otherwise engaging another person, or that person engaging another person, to develop, manufacture, produce, or assemble an article or product subject to RCW 19.330.020.
(5) "Material competitive injury" means at least a three percent retail price difference between the article or product made in violation of RCW 19.330.020 designed to harm competition and a directly competing article or product that was manufactured without the use of stolen or misappropriated information technology, with such a price difference occurring over a four-month period of time.
(6) "Retail price" means the retail price of stolen or misappropriated information technology charged at the time of, and in the jurisdiction where, the alleged theft or misappropriation occurred, multiplied by the number of stolen or misappropriated items used in the business operations of the person alleged to have violated RCW 19.330.020.
(7)(a) "Stolen or misappropriated information technology" means hardware or software that the person referred to in RCW 19.330.020 acquired, appropriated, or used without the authorization of the owner of the information technology or the owner's authorized licensee in violation of applicable law, but does not include situations in which the hardware or software alleged to have been stolen or misappropriated was not available for retail purchase on a stand-alone basis at or before the time it was acquired, appropriated, or used by such a person.
(b) Information technology is considered to be used in a person's business operations if the person uses the technology in the manufacture, distribution, marketing, or sales of the articles or products subject to RCW 19.330.020.
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