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Fuel characteristics disclosureElectricity product categories.

(1) Each retail supplier must disclose to its customers the fuel characteristics of each electricity product it offers to retail electric customers using information consistent with the retail supplier's source and disposition report.
(2) The fuel characteristics disclosures required by this section must identify for each electricity product the percentage of the total electricity product sold by a retail supplier during the previous calendar year from each of the following categories, using a uniform format:
(a) Coal;
(b) Hydroelectric;
(c) Natural gas;
(d) Nuclear;
(e) Petroleum;
(f) Solar;
(g) Wind;
(h) Other generation, except that when a component of the other generation category meets or exceeds two percent of the total electricity product sold by a retail supplier during the previous calendar year, the retail supplier shall identify the component or components and display the fuel mix percentages for these component sources. A retail supplier may voluntarily identify any component or components within the other generation category that comprises two percent or less of annual sales; and
(i) Unspecified sources.
(3) If the percentage amount of unspecified sources identified in subsection (2) of this section exceeds two percent for an electricity product, the retail supplier must include on the label a general description of unspecified sources and an explanation of why some power sources are unknown to the retail supplier.
(4) A retail supplier may not include in the electricity product content label any environmental quality or environmental impact qualifier, other than those permitted or required by this chapter, related to any of the generation categories disclosed.
(5) For the portion of an electricity product purchased from the Bonneville power administration, a retail supplier may incorporate the Bonneville power administration system mix in its disclosure.
(6) A retail supplier may include with the electricity product content label additional information concerning the quantity of renewable energy certificates, if not otherwise included in the retail supplier's declared resources, that are retired for compliance with RCW 19.285.040(2) in the reporting year.


FindingIntent2000 c 213: See RCW 19.29A.130.
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