Chapter 19.290 RCW



19.290.020Private metal property or nonferrous metal propertyRecords required.
19.290.030Metal property and metallic wireRequirements for transactions.
19.290.040Scrap metal businessesRecord of commercial accounts.
19.290.050Reports to law enforcementRecords exempt from public disclosurePrivate civil liability.
19.290.060Stolen metal propertyPreserving evidence.
19.290.080Civil penalties.
19.290.090Exemptions from chapter.
19.290.100Scrap metal licensePenalties.
19.290.110Scrap metal licenseApplication, renewalRequired information.
19.290.120Scrap metal license applicationDepartment of licensing to issue licenseDisplay of certificate.
19.290.130Scrap metal licenseSurety bondAction for recovery.
19.290.140Scrap metal licenseRenewalSurrender of license.
19.290.150License platesFee.
19.290.160Uniform regulation of business and professions act.
19.290.170Cancellation of scrap metal licenseRefusal of issuance.
19.290.180Director of licensing authorized to adopt rules and regulations, set license and renewal fees.
19.290.190Inspection of licensed premises and recordsCertificate of inspection.
19.290.200State preemption.
19.290.220Scrap theft alert system.
19.290.230Seizure and forfeiture.
19.290.240Chapter to be liberally construed.
19.290.250No-buy list database programScrap metal business to determine if customer is listed.