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Relationship between licensee and authorized delegate.

(1) In this section, "remit" means to make direct payments of money to a licensee or its representative authorized to receive money or to deposit money in a bank in an account specified by the licensee.
(2) A contract between a licensee and an authorized delegate must require the authorized delegate to operate in full compliance with this chapter and the rules adopted under this chapter.
(3) Neither the licensee nor an authorized delegate may authorize subdelegates.
(4) An authorized delegate shall remit all money owing to the licensee in accordance with the terms of the contract between the licensee and the authorized delegate.
(5) If a license is suspended or revoked or a licensee surrenders its license, the director shall notify all of the licensee's authorized delegates whose names are filed with the director, at the address of record with the director, of the suspension, revocation, or surrender and shall publish the name of the licensee. An authorized delegate shall immediately cease to provide money services as a delegate of the licensee upon receipt of notice, or after publication is made, that the licensee's license has been suspended, revoked, or surrendered.
(6) An authorized delegate may not provide money services other than those allowed the licensee under its license. In addition, an authorized delegate may not provide money services outside the scope of activity permissible under the contract between the authorized delegate and the licensee, except activity in which the authorized delegate is authorized to engage under RCW 19.230.030 or 19.230.080.
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