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The legislature finds and declares that consumers have a vital interest in establishing and maintaining creditworthiness. The legislature further finds that an elaborate mechanism using credit reports has developed for investigating and evaluating a consumer's creditworthiness, credit capacity, and general reputation and character. As such, credit reports are used for evaluating credit card, loan, mortgage, and small business financing applications, as well as for decisions regarding employment and the rental or leasing of dwellings. Moreover, financial institutions and other creditors depend upon fair and accurate credit reports to efficiently and accurately evaluate creditworthiness. Unfair or inaccurate reports undermine both public and creditor confidences in the reliability of credit granting systems.
Therefore, this chapter is necessary to assure accurate credit data collection, maintenance, and reporting on the citizens of the state. It is the policy of the state that credit reporting agencies maintain accurate credit reports, resolve disputed reports promptly and fairly, and adopt reasonable procedures to promote consumer confidentiality and the proper use of credit data in accordance with this chapter.
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