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Action on bond, cash deposit or securities.

In addition to all other legal remedies, an action may be brought in any court of competent jurisdiction upon the bond or cash deposit or security in lieu thereof, required by RCW 19.16.190, by any person to whom the licensee fails to account and pay as set forth in such bond or by any client or customer of the licensee who has been damaged by failure of the licensee to comply with all agreements entered into with such client or customer: PROVIDED, That the aggregate liability of the surety to all such clients or customers shall in no event exceed the sum of such bond.
An action upon such bond or security shall be commenced by serving and filing of the complaint within one year from the date of the cancellation of the bond or, in the case of a cash deposit or other security deposited in lieu of the surety bond, within one year of the date of expiration or revocation of license: PROVIDED, That no action shall be maintained upon such bond or such cash deposit or other security for any claim which has been barred by any nonclaim statute or statute of limitations of this state. Two copies of the complaint shall be served by registered or certified mail upon the director at the time the suit is started. Such service shall constitute service on the surety. The director shall transmit one of said copies of the complaint served on him or her to the surety within forty-eight hours after it shall have been received.
The director shall maintain a record, available for public inspection, of all suits commenced under this chapter upon surety bonds, or the cash or other security deposited in lieu thereof.
In the event of a judgment being entered against the deposit or security referred to in RCW 19.16.190(2), the director shall, upon receipt of a certified copy of a final judgment, pay said judgment from the amount of the deposit or security.
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