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License and branch office certificateFormContentsDisplay.

Each license and branch office certificate, when issued, shall be in the form and size prescribed by the director and shall state in addition to any other matter required by the director:
(1) The name of the licensee;
(2) The name under which the licensee will do business;
(3) The address at which the collection agency business is to be conducted; and
(4) The number and expiration date of the license or branch office certificate.
A licensee shall display his, her, or its license in a conspicuous place in his, her, or its principal place of business and, if he, she, or it conducts a branch office, the branch office certificate shall be conspicuously displayed in the branch office.
Concurrently with or prior to engaging in any activity as a collection agency, as defined in this chapter, any person shall furnish to his, her, or its client or customer the number indicated on the collection agency license issued to him, her, or it pursuant to this section.
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