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Registered agent for brokers without physical office in stateVenue.

Every licensed mortgage broker that does not maintain a physical office within the state must maintain a registered agent within the state to receive service of any lawful process in any judicial or administrative noncriminal suit, action, or proceeding against the licensed mortgage broker which arises under this chapter or any rule or order under this chapter, with the same force and validity as if served personally on the licensed mortgage broker. Service upon the registered agent shall not be effective unless the plaintiff, who may be the director in a suit, action, or proceeding instituted by him or her, no later than the next business day sends notice of the service and a copy of the process by registered mail to the defendant or respondent at the last address of the respondent or defendant on file with the director. In any judicial action, suit, or proceeding arising under this chapter or any rule or order adopted under this chapter between the department or director and a licensed mortgage broker who does not maintain a physical office in this state, venue shall be exclusively in the superior court of Thurston county.


Severability1997 c 106: See note following RCW 19.146.010.
Adoption of rulesSeverability1993 c 468: See notes following RCW 19.146.0201.
Effective dates1993 c 468: See note following RCW 19.146.200.
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