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Cease and desist orderAction to enjoin and enforce.

Whenever the director determines that the public is likely to be substantially injured by delay in issuing a cease and desist order, the director may immediately issue a temporary cease and desist order. The order may direct the licensee to discontinue any violation of this chapter and take such affirmative action as is necessary to comply with this chapter, may include a summary suspension of the licensee's license, and may order the licensee to immediately cease the conduct of business under this chapter. The order becomes effective at the time specified in the order. Every temporary cease and desist order must include a provision that a hearing will be held, within fourteen days unless otherwise specified in chapter 34.05 RCW, upon request to determine whether the order will become permanent.
If it appears that a person has engaged in an act or practice constituting a violation of a provision of this chapter, or a rule or order under this chapter, the director, with or without prior administrative proceedings, may bring an action in the superior court to enjoin the acts or practices and to enforce compliance with this chapter or any rule or order under this chapter. Upon proper showing, injunctive relief or temporary restraining orders must be granted. The director is not required to post a bond in any court proceedings.
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