Chapter 19.142 RCW



HTMLPDF 19.142.005Findings and declaration.
HTMLPDF 19.142.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 19.142.020Membership plansSpecial offersMisrepresentations prohibited.
HTMLPDF 19.142.030Written contract required.
HTMLPDF 19.142.040Contents of contract.
HTMLPDF 19.142.050Notice of cancellationRefund.
HTMLPDF 19.142.060Trust accountWritten receiptRecord of depositsBuyers' claims.
HTMLPDF 19.142.070Surety bond in lieu of trust account.
HTMLPDF 19.142.080Failure to comply with bond or trust account requirementsClass C felony.
HTMLPDF 19.142.090Waivers of this chapterContracts not in compliance with this chapterVoid and unenforceable.
HTMLPDF 19.142.100ViolationsApplication of consumer protection act.
HTMLPDF 19.142.110Attorneys' fees.
HTMLPDF 19.142.900Chapter cumulative and nonexclusive.
HTMLPDF 19.142.901Prospective application of chapter.