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CancellationRefundMaterial misrepresentationException.

(1) If the transportation or other services contracted for are canceled, or if the money is to be refunded for any reason, the seller of travel shall refund to the person with whom it contracts for travel services, the money due the person within thirty days of receiving the funds from the vendor with whom the services were arranged. If the funds were not sent to the vendor and remain in the possession of the seller of travel, the funds shall be refunded within fourteen days.
(2) Any material misrepresentation with regard to the transportation and other services offered shall be deemed to be a cancellation necessitating the refund required by this section.
(3) When travel services are paid to a vendor and charged to a consumer's credit card by the seller of travel, and the arrangements are subsequently canceled by the consumer, the vendor, or the seller of travel, any refunds to the consumer's credit card must be applied for within ten days from the date of cancellation.
(4) The seller of travel shall not be obligated to refund any cancellation penalties imposed by the vendor with whom the services were arranged if these penalties were disclosed in the statement required under RCW 19.138.040.
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