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Waiver of rightsViolationsEnforcementUnfair business practice.

*** CHANGE IN 2023 *** (SEE 1311-S.SL) ***
(1) Any waiver by a buyer of any part of this chapter is void. Any attempt by a credit services organization to have a buyer waive rights given by this chapter is a violation of this chapter.
(2) In any proceeding involving this chapter, the burden of proving an exemption or an exception from a definition is upon the person claiming it.
(3) Any person who violates this chapter is guilty of a gross misdemeanor. Any district court of this state has jurisdiction in equity to restrain and enjoin the violation of this chapter.
(4) This section does not prohibit the enforcement by any person of any right provided by this or any other law.
(5) A violation of this chapter by a credit services organization is an unfair business practice as provided in chapter 19.86 RCW.
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