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Registration of franchise brokers required.

(1) It is unlawful for any franchise broker to offer to sell or sell a franchise in this state unless the franchise broker is registered under this chapter. It is unlawful for any franchisor, subfranchisor, or franchisee to employ a franchise broker unless the franchise broker is registered.
(2) The franchise broker shall apply for registration by filing with the director an application together with a consent to service of process in such form as the director shall prescribe and payment of the fee prescribed in RCW 19.100.240.
(3) The application shall contain whatever information the director requires concerning such matters as:
(a) The applicant's form and place of organization.
(b) The applicant's proposed method of doing business.
(c) The qualifications and business history of the applicant.
(d) Any injunction or administrative order or conviction of a misdemeanor involving a security or any aspect of the securities business and any conviction of a felony; and
(e) The applicant's financial condition and history.
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