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Application for registrationContentsFiling.

(1) The application for registration of the offer, signed by the franchisor, subfranchisor, or by any person on whose behalf the offering is to be made, must be filed with the director and shall contain:
(a) A copy of the franchisor's or subfranchisor's disclosure document which shall be prepared in compliance with guidelines adopted by rule of the director. The director shall be guided in adopting such rule by the guidelines for the preparation of the disclosure document adopted by the federal trade commission or the North American Securities Administrators Association, Inc., or its successor, as such guidelines may be revised from time to time;
(b) A copy of all agreements to be proposed to franchisees;
(c) A consent to service of process as required by RCW 19.100.160;
(d) The application for registration of a franchise broker, if any;
(e) The applicable filing fee; and
(f) Such other information as the director determines, by rule or order, to be necessary or appropriate to facilitate the administration of this chapter.
(2) The director may require the filing of financial statements of the franchisor or subfranchisor audited by an independent certified public accountant and prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.
When the person filing the application for registration is a subfranchisor, the application shall also include the same information concerning the subfranchisor as is required from the franchisor pursuant to this section.
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