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Unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter.
(1) "Department" means the department of health.
(2) "Direct supervision" means a health care practitioner is continuously on-site and physically present in the treatment operatory while the procedures are performed by the respiratory care practitioner.
(3) "Health care practitioner" means:
(a) A physician licensed under chapter 18.71 RCW;
(b) An osteopathic physician or surgeon licensed under chapter 18.57 RCW; or
(c) Acting within the scope of their respective licensure, a podiatric physician and surgeon licensed under chapter 18.22 RCW, an advanced registered nurse practitioner licensed under chapter 18.79 RCW, a naturopath licensed under chapter 18.36A RCW, or a physician assistant licensed under chapter 18.71A RCW.
(4) "Respiratory care practitioner" means an individual licensed under this chapter.
(5) "Secretary" means the secretary of health or the secretary's designee.


Effective date2021 c 114: See note following RCW 18.89.010.
Effective date2020 c 80 §§ 12-59: See note following RCW 7.68.030.
Intent2020 c 80: See note following RCW 18.71A.010.
Effective dates1997 c 334: See note following RCW 18.89.010.
SeverabilityHeadings and captions not lawEffective date1994 sp.s. c 9: See RCW 18.79.900 through 18.79.902.
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