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Managing broker's licenseRequirementsRenewal.

(1) The minimum requirements for an individual to receive a managing broker's license are that the individual:
(a) Is eighteen years of age or older;
(b) Has a high school diploma or its equivalent;
(c) Has had a minimum of three years of licensed experience as a full-time real estate broker in this state or in another jurisdiction having comparable requirements within the five years previous to applying for the managing broker's license examination or is otherwise qualified by reason of practical experience in a business allied with or related to real estate as prescribed by rule;
(d) Except as provided in RCW 18.85.141, has furnished proof, as the director may require, that the applicant has successfully completed ninety hours of instruction in real estate. Instruction must include courses as prescribed by the director including real estate brokerage management, business management, and advanced real estate law. The director may approve and accept other related education. Each course must be completed within three years before applying for the managing broker's license examination, be at least thirty clock hours, and be approved by the director. The applicant must pass a course examination, approved by the director for each course that is used to satisfy the managing broker's license requirement; and
(e) Has passed the managing broker's license examination.
(2) A managing broker's license may be renewed upon completion of continuing education courses and payment of the renewal fee as prescribed by the director.
(3) A managing broker can be licensed to one firm only at any one time.
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