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Firm licenseRequirements.

(1) The minimum requirements for a firm to receive a license are that the firm:
(a) Designates a managing broker as the "designated broker" who has authority to act for the firm, and provides the director with the name of the owner or owners or any others with a controlling interest in the firm;
(b) Assures that no person with controlling interest in the firm is the subject of a final departmental order, as provided in chapter 34.05 RCW, suspending or revoking any type of real estate license; and
(c) Does not adopt a name that is the same or similar to currently issued licenses or that implies the real estate firm is a nonprofit or research organization, or is a public bureau or group.
(2) An applicant for a real estate firm's license shall provide the director with:
(a) The firm name and unified business identifier number;
(b) Washington business mailing and street address, contact telephone number, if any, and a mailing and physical address for either the firm's trust account or business records location, or both;
(c) Internet home page site and business email address, if any;
(d) Application fee prescribed by the director; and
(e) Any other information the director may require.
(3) The firm must provide the following to the department for renewal of the firm's license:
(a) Renewal fee;
(b) Notice of any change in controlling interest for the firm; and
(c) Notice of any change in the firm's registration or certificate of authority filed with the secretary of state.
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