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This chapter shall not apply to:
(1) Any person teaching, lecturing, consulting, or engaging in research in psychology but only insofar as such activities are performed as a part of or are dependent upon a position in a college or university in the state of Washington.
(2) Any person who holds a valid school psychologist credential from the Washington professional educator standards board but only when such a person is practicing psychology in the course of his or her employment.
(3) Any person employed by a local, state, or federal government agency whose psychologists must qualify for employment under federal or state certification or civil service regulations; but only at those times when that person is carrying out the functions of his or her employment.
(4) Any person who must qualify under the employment requirements of a business or industry and who is employed by a business or industry which is not engaged in offering psychological services to the public, but only when such person is carrying out the functions of his or her employment: PROVIDED, That no person exempt from licensing under this subsection shall engage in the clinical practice of psychology.
(5) Any person who is a student of psychology, psychological intern, or resident in psychology preparing for the profession of psychology under supervision in a training institution or facilities and who is designated by the title such as "psychological trainee," "psychology student," which thereby indicates his or her training status.
(6) Any person who has received a doctoral degree from an accredited institution of higher learning with an adequate major in sociology or social psychology as determined by the board and who has passed comprehensive examinations in the field of social psychology as part of the requirements for the doctoral degree. Such persons may use the title "social psychologist" provided that they file a statement of their education with the board.


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