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Unprofessional conduct.

In addition to those acts defined in chapter 18.130 RCW, the board may take disciplinary action under RCW 18.130.160 for the following reasons:
(1) Failing to maintain the confidentiality of information under RCW 18.83.110;
(2) Violating the ethical code developed by the board under RCW 18.83.050;
(3) Failing to inform prospective research subjects or their authorized representatives of the possible serious effects of participation in research; and failing to undertake reasonable efforts to remove possible harmful effects of participation;
(4) Practicing in an area of psychology for which the person is clearly untrained or incompetent;
(5) Failing to exercise appropriate supervision over persons who practice under the supervision of a psychologist;
(6) Using fraud or deceit in the procurement of the psychology license, or knowingly assisting another in the procurement of such a license through fraud or deceit;
(7) Failing to maintain professional liability insurance when required by the board;
(8) Violating any state statute or administrative rule specifically governing the practice of psychology; or
(9) Gross, wilful, or continued overcharging for professional services.


Severability1987 c 150: See RCW 18.122.901.
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