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Disciplinary action against persons exempt from licensure.

A right to practice medicine and surgery by an individual in this state pursuant to *RCW 18.71.030 (5) through (12) shall be subject to discipline by order of the commission upon a finding by the commission of an act of unprofessional conduct as defined in RCW 18.130.180 or that the individual is unable to practice with reasonable skill or safety due to a mental or physical condition as described in RCW 18.130.170. Such physician shall have the same rights of notice, hearing, and judicial review as provided licensed physicians generally under this chapter and chapter 18.130 RCW.


*Reviser's note: RCW 18.71.030 was amended by 2021 c 247 § 1, changing subsection (12) to subsection (13).
SeverabilityHeadings and captions not lawEffective date1994 sp.s. c 9: See RCW 18.79.900 through 18.79.902.
Severability1986 c 259: See note following RCW 18.130.010.
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