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Chart order as prescriptionLong-term care facilities and hospice programs.

(1) A chart order must be considered a prescription if it contains:
(a) The full name of the patient;
(b) The date of issuance;
(c) The name, strength, and dosage form of the drug prescribed;
(d) Directions for use; and
(e) An authorized signature. The order must contain the prescribing practitioner's signature or the signature of the practitioner's authorized agent, including the name of the prescribing practitioner.
(2) A licensed nurse, pharmacist, or physician practicing in a long-term care facility or hospice program may act as the practitioner's agent for purposes of this chapter, without need for a written agency agreement, to document a chart order in the patient's medical record on behalf of the prescribing practitioner pending the prescribing practitioner's signature; or to communicate a prescription to a pharmacy whether telephonically, via facsimile, or electronically. The communication of a prescription to a dispenser by the prescriber's agent has the same force and effect as if communicated directly by the authorized practitioner.
(3) Nothing in this chapter prevents an authorized credentialed employee of a long-term care facility from transmitting a chart order pursuant to RCW 74.42.230, or transmitting a prescription on behalf of a resident to the extent otherwise authorized by law.
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