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Activities not regulated by chapterLimited permits.

This chapter shall not be construed as preventing or restricting the practice, services, or activities of:
(1) A person licensed in this state under any other law from engaging in the profession or occupation for which the person is licensed;
(2) A person employed as an occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant by the government of the United States, if the person provides occupational therapy solely under the directions or control of the organization by which the person is employed;
(3) A person pursuing a course of study leading to a degree or certificate in occupational therapy in an accredited or approved educational program if the activities and services constitute a part of a supervised course of study, if the person is designated by a title which clearly indicated the person's status as a student or trainee;
(4) A person fulfilling the supervised fieldwork experience requirements of RCW 18.59.050, if the activities and services constitute a part of the experience necessary to meet the requirements of RCW 18.59.050;
(5) A person performing occupational therapy services in the state, if the services are performed for no more than ninety working days and if:
(a) The person is licensed under the laws of another state which has licensure requirements at least as stringent as the requirements of this chapter, as determined by the board; or
(b) The person has met commonly accepted standards for the practice of occupational therapy as specifically defined by the board;
(6) A person employed by or supervised by an occupational therapist as an occupational therapy aide;
(7) A person with a limited permit. A limited permit may be granted to persons who have completed the education and experience requirements of this chapter, or education and experience requirements which the board deems equivalent to those specified as requirements for licensure. The limited permit allows the applicant to practice in association with an occupational therapist. The limited permit is valid until the results of the next examination have been made public. One extension of this permit may be granted if the applicant has failed the examination, but during this period the person shall be under the direct supervision of an occupational therapist;
(8) Any persons who teach daily living skills, develop prevocational skills, and play and avocational capabilities, or adapt equipment or environments for individuals with disabilities, or who do specific activities to enhance cognitive, perceptual motor, sensory integrative and psychomotor skills, but who do not hold themselves out to the public by any title, initials, or description of services as being engaged in the practice of occupational therapy; or
(9) Any person who designs, fabricates, or applies orthotic or prosthetic devices which are prescribed by a health care professional authorized by the laws of the state of Washington to prescribe the device or to direct the design, fabrication or application of the device.
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