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From and after January 1, 1940, in order to be eligible for examination for registration, a person shall be a citizen of the United States of America, who shall have a preliminary education of or equal to four years in a state accredited high school and has completed a full attendance course in a regularly chartered school of optometry maintaining a standard which is deemed sufficient and satisfactory by the optometry board, who is a person of good moral character, who has a visual acuity in at least one eye, of a standard known as 20/40 under correction: PROVIDED, That from and after January 1, 1975, in order to be eligible for examination for a license, a person shall have the following qualifications:
(1) Be a graduate of a state accredited high school or its equivalent;
(2) Have a diploma or other certificate of completion from an accredited college of optometry or school of optometry, maintaining a standard which is deemed sufficient and satisfactory by the optometry board, conferring its degree of doctor of optometry or its equivalent, maintaining a course of four scholastic years in addition to preprofessional college-level studies, and teaching substantially all of the following subjects: General anatomy, anatomy of the eyes, physiology, physics, chemistry, pharmacology, biology, bacteriology, general pathology, ocular pathology, ocular neurology, ocular myology, psychology, physiological optics, optometrical mechanics, clinical optometry, visual field charting and orthoptics, general laws of optics and refraction and use of the ophthalmoscope, retinoscope and other clinical instruments necessary in the practice of optometry; and
(3) Be of good moral character.
Such person shall file an application for an examination and license with said board at any time thirty days prior to the time fixed for such examination, or at a later date if approved by the board, and such application must be on forms approved by the board, and properly attested, and if found to be in accordance with the provisions of this chapter shall entitle the applicant upon payment of the proper fee, to take the examination prescribed by the board. Such examination shall not be out of keeping with the established teachings and adopted textbooks of the recognized schools of optometry, and shall be confined to such subjects and practices as are recognized as essential to the practice of optometry. All candidates without discrimination, who shall successfully pass the prescribed examination, shall be registered by the board and shall, upon payment of the proper fee, be issued a license. Any license to practice optometry in this state issued by the secretary, and which shall be in full force and effect at the time of passage of chapter 69, Laws of 1975 1st ex. sess., shall be continued.
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