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InspectionsApproval of new facilities.

The department shall make or cause to be made an inspection and investigation of all birthing centers, and every inspection may include an inspection of every part of the premises. The department may make an examination of all records, methods of administration, the general and special dietary and the stores and methods of supply. The department may prescribe by regulation that any licensee or applicant desiring to make specified types of alteration or addition to its facilities or to construct new facilities shall before commencing such alterations, addition, or new construction submit plans and specifications therefor to the department for preliminary inspection and approval or recommendations with respect to compliance with regulations and standards herein authorized. Necessary conferences and consultations may be provided.
[ 2000 c 93 § 35; 1951 c 168 § 9. Prior: 1943 c 214 § 4; Rem. Supp. 1943 § 6130-50.]
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