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Possession of property and business—Scope of director's authority.

(1) During the time that the director retains possession of the property and business of a licensee, the director has the power and authority to conduct the licensee's business and take any action on behalf of the licensee to protect consumers, including but not limited to discontinuing any violations and unsafe or injurious practices, making good any deficiencies, and making claims against the licensee's fidelity bond, errors and omissions bond, or surety bond on behalf of the company.
(2) The director, the department, and its employees are not subject to liability for actions under this section and RCW 18.44.455 and no moneys from the department's fund may be required to be expended on behalf of the licensee or the licensee's clients, creditors, employees, shareholders, members, investors, or any other party or entity.
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