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When oral or written examinations are required, they shall be held at such time and place as the board shall determine. If examinations are required on fundamental engineering subjects (such as ordinarily given in college curricula) the applicant shall be permitted to take this part of the professional examination prior to his or her completion of the requisite years of experience in engineering work. The board shall issue to each applicant upon successfully passing the examination in fundamental engineering subjects a certificate stating that the applicant has passed the examination in fundamental engineering subjects and that his or her name has been recorded as an engineer-in-training.
The scope of the examination and the methods of procedure shall be prescribed by the board with special reference to the applicant's ability to design and supervise engineering works so as to insure the safety of life, health and property. Examinations shall be given for the purpose of determining the qualifications of applicants for registration separately in engineering and in land surveying. A candidate failing an examination may apply for reexamination. Subsequent examinations will be granted upon payment of a fee to be determined by the board.
[ 2019 c 442 § 9; 1991 c 19 § 4; 1961 c 142 § 2; 1947 c 283 § 9; Rem. Supp. 1947 § 8306-26. Prior: 1935 c 167 § 7; RRS § 8306-7.]
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