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CommissionDuties and powersAttorney general to advise, represent.

The commission shall elect officers each year. Meetings of the commission are open to the public, except the commission may hold executive sessions to the extent permitted by chapter 42.30 RCW. The secretary of health shall furnish such secretarial, clerical, and other assistance as the commission may require.
A majority of the commission members appointed and serving constitutes a quorum for the transaction of commission business. The affirmative vote of a majority of a quorum of the commission is required to carry a motion or resolution, to adopt a rule, or to pass a measure.
The commission may appoint members of panels consisting of not less than three members. A quorum for transaction of any business shall be a minimum of three members. A majority vote of a quorum of the panel is required to transact business delegated to it by the commission.
The members of the commission are immune from suit in an action, civil or criminal, based upon its disciplinary proceedings or other official acts performed in good faith as members of the commission.
The commission may, whenever the workload of the commission requires, request that the secretary appoint pro tempore members. While serving as members pro tempore persons have all the powers, duties, and immunities, and are entitled to the emoluments, including travel expenses, of the commission.
The commission shall prepare or determine the nature of the examinations for applicants to practice dentistry.
The commission shall establish continuing dental education requirements.
The attorney general shall advise the commission and represent it in all legal proceedings.
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