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Powers and duties of director.

The director shall:
(1) Adopt rules to implement this chapter;
(2) Establish appropriate administrative procedures for the processing of the applications;
(3) Issue licenses to qualified companies under the provisions of this chapter;
(4) Maintain a roster of the names and addresses of companies licensed under this chapter;
(5) Employ professional, clerical, and technical assistance as may be necessary to properly administer the work of the director;
(6) Establish forms necessary to administer this chapter;
(7) Oversee the performance of any background investigations;
(8) Initiate and oversee investigations and any audits;
(9) Establish grounds for disciplinary actions;
(10) Adopt fees under RCW 43.24.086; and
(11) Do all other things necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter and comply with the requirements of any pertinent federal laws pertaining to appraisal management companies.
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