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Debt adjusterProhibited acts.

A debt adjuster shall not:
(1) Take any contract, or other instrument which has any blank spaces when signed by the debtor;
(2) Receive or charge any fee in the form of a promissory note or other promise to pay or receive or accept any mortgage or other security for any fee, whether as to real or personal property;
(3) Lend money or credit;
(4) Take any confession of judgment or power of attorney to confess judgment against the debtor or appear as the debtor in any judicial proceedings;
(5) Take, concurrent with the signing of the contract or as a part of the contract or as part of the application for the contract, a release of any obligation to be performed on the part of the debt adjuster;
(6) Advertise services, display, distribute, broadcast or televise, or permit services to be displayed, advertised, distributed, broadcasted or televised in any manner whatsoever wherein any false, misleading or deceptive statement or representation with regard to the services to be performed by the debt adjuster, or the charges to be made therefor, is made;
(7) Offer, pay, or give any cash, fee, gift, bonus, premiums, reward, or other compensation to any person for referring any prospective customer to the debt adjuster;
(8) Receive any cash, fee, gift, bonus, premium, reward, or other compensation, other than fair share contributions to a nonprofit debt adjuster, from any person other than the debtor or a person in the debtor's behalf in connection with his or her activities as a debt adjuster; or
(9) Disclose to anyone the debtors who have contracted with the debt adjuster; nor shall the debt adjuster disclose the creditors of a debtor to anyone other than: (a) The debtor; or (b) another creditor of the debtor and then only to the extent necessary to secure the cooperation of such a creditor in a debt adjusting plan.


Part headings not lawEffective date1999 c 151: See notes following RCW 18.28.010.
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