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ViolationsRestraining ordersInjunctions.

(1) If, upon inspection or investigation, the director or authorized compliance inspector reasonably believes that a contractor has failed to register in accordance with this chapter or the rules adopted under this chapter, the director shall issue an order immediately restraining further construction work at the jobsite by the contractor. The order shall describe the specific violation that necessitated issuance of the restraining order. The contractor or representative to whom the restraining order is directed may request a hearing before an administrative law judge, such hearing to be conducted pursuant to chapter 34.05 RCW. A request for hearing shall not stay the effect of the restraining order.
(2) In addition to and after having invoked the powers of restraint vested in the director as provided in subsection (1) of this section, the director, through the attorney general, may petition the superior court of the state of Washington to enjoin any activity in violation of this chapter. A prima facie case for issuance of an injunction shall be established by affidavits and supporting documentation demonstrating that a restraining order was served upon the contractor and that the contractor continued to work after service of the order. Upon the filing of the petition, the superior court shall have jurisdiction to grant injunctive or other appropriate relief, pending the outcome of enforcement proceedings under this chapter, or to enforce restraining orders issued by the director. If the contractor fails to comply with any court order, the director shall request the attorney general to petition the superior court for an order holding the contractor in contempt of court and for any other appropriate relief.
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