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Building permitsVerification of registration requiredResponsibilities of issuing entityPenalties.

(1) No city, town or county shall issue a construction building permit for work which is to be done by any contractor required to be registered under this chapter without verification that such contractor is currently registered as required by law. When such verification is made, nothing contained in this section is intended to be, nor shall be construed to create, or form the basis for any liability under this chapter on the part of any city, town or county, or its officers, employees or agents. However, failure to verify the contractor registration number results in liability to the city, town, or county to a penalty to be imposed according to *RCW 18.27.100(7)(a).
(2) At the time of issuing the building permit, all cities, towns, or counties are responsible for:
(a) Printing the contractor registration number on the building permit; and
(b) Providing a written notice to the building permit applicant informing them of contractor registration laws and the potential risk and monetary liability to the homeowner for using an unregistered contractor.
(3) If a building permit is obtained by an applicant or contractor who falsifies information to obtain an exemption provided under RCW 18.27.090, the building permit shall be forfeited.


*Reviser's note: RCW 18.27.100 was amended by 2008 c 120 § 2, changing subsection (7)(a) to subsection (8)(a).
Finding1993 c 454: See note following RCW 18.27.010.
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