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Impaired practitioner programLicense surcharge.

(1) To implement an impaired podiatric practitioner program as authorized by RCW 18.130.175, the board shall enter into a contract with a voluntary substance abuse monitoring program. The impaired podiatric practitioner program may include any or all of the following:
(a) Contracting with providers of treatment programs;
(b) Receiving and evaluating reports of suspected impairment from any source;
(c) Intervening in cases of verified impairment;
(d) Referring impaired podiatric practitioners to treatment programs;
(e) Monitoring the treatment and rehabilitation of impaired podiatric practitioners including those ordered by the board;
(f) Providing education, prevention of impairment, posttreatment monitoring, and support of rehabilitated impaired podiatric practitioners; and
(g) Performing other related activities as determined by the board.
(2) A contract entered into under subsection (1) of this section shall be financed by a surcharge of fifty dollars on each license issuance or renewal to be collected by the department from every podiatric practitioner licensed under this chapter. These moneys must be placed in the health professions account to be used solely for implementation of the impaired podiatric practitioner program.
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