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Application for licensureReferencesFees.

(1) Application for licensure must be on forms prescribed by the board and furnished by the director. The application must contain statements, made under oath, demonstrating the applicant's education and work experience.
(2) Applicants shall provide not less than two verifications of experience. Verifications of experience may be provided by licensed professional engineers, licensed on-site wastewater treatment system designers, or state/local regulatory officials in the on-site wastewater treatment field who have direct knowledge of the applicant's qualifications to practice in accordance with this chapter and who can verify the applicant's work experience.
(3) The board , shall determine an application fee for licensure as an on-site wastewater treatment system designer. A nonrefundable application fee must accompany the application. The board shall ensure that the application fee includes the cost of the examination and the cost issuance of a license and certificate. A candidate who fails an examination may apply for reexamination. The board shall determine the fee for reexamination.
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