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Secretary's authority.

In addition to other authority provided by law, the secretary has the authority to:
(1) Adopt rules under chapter 34.05 RCW necessary to implement this chapter;
(2) Establish administrative procedures, administrative requirements, and fees in accordance with RCW 43.70.250 and 43.70.280. All fees collected under this section must be credited to the health professions account as required under RCW 43.70.320;
(3) Register applicants, issue licenses to applicants who have met the education, training, and examination requirements for licensure, and deny licenses to applicants who do not meet the minimum qualifications, except that proceedings concerning the denial of credentials based upon unprofessional conduct or impairment are governed by the uniform disciplinary act, chapter 18.130 RCW;
(4) Hire clerical, administrative, investigative, and other staff as needed to implement this chapter and hire individuals licensed under this chapter to serve as examiners for any practical examinations;
(5) Determine minimum education requirements and evaluate and designate those educational programs from which graduation will be accepted as proof of eligibility to take a qualifying examination for applicants for licensure;
(6) Establish the standards and procedures for revocation of approval of education programs;
(7) Utilize or contract with individuals or organizations having expertise in the profession or in education to assist in the evaluations;
(8) Prepare and administer, or approve the preparation and administration of, examinations for applicants for licensure;
(9) Determine whether alternative methods of training are equivalent to formal education, and establish forms, procedures, and criteria for evaluation of an applicant's alternative training to determine the applicant's eligibility to take any qualifying examination;
(10) Determine which jurisdictions have licensing requirements equivalent to those of this state and issue licenses without examinations to individuals licensed in those jurisdictions;
(11) Define and approve any experience requirement for licensing;
(12) Implement and administer a program for consumer education;
(13) Adopt rules implementing continuing competency requirements for renewal of the license and relicensing;
(14) Maintain the official department records of all applicants and licensees;
(15) Establish by rule the procedures for an appeal of an examination failure;
(16) Establish requirements and procedures for an inactive license; and
(17) With the advice of the advisory committee, the secretary may recommend collaboration with health professions, boards, and commissions to develop appropriate referral protocols.
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