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Information for consumers.

The department shall provide information to consumers about assisted living facilities. This information must be made available online and must include information related to site visits, substantiated inspection and complaint investigation reports, including any citation and remedy imposed, and a listing of licensed assisted living facilities by geographic location.


Findings2018 c 173: "The legislature finds that:
(1) Washington state is ranked number one in the nation in offering quality choices in its long-term services and supports system. Assisted living facilities are an important part of the state's long-term services and supports plan;
(2) Consumers should have access to current information about assisted living facilities to make informed choices;
(3) Washingtonians choose to live in assisted living facilities for many different reasons including safety, access to care, socialization, rehabilitation, and community;
(4) Deciding where to live and what kind of facility to live in are big decisions for potential residents and families. They deserve to have access to all information collected by the state to use in making their decisions. Providing transparency will allow for more informed consumer choices;
(5) Consumers already have access to information on nursing homes and adult family homes. This act would bring assisted living facilities in line with other settings; and
(6) Assisted living facilities need to be held accountable for the residents in their care and the fine structure should be reflective of that responsibility." [ 2018 c 173 § 1.]
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