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General responsibility for each resident.

(1) The assisted living facility must assume general responsibility for each resident and must promote each resident's health, safety, and well-being consistent with the resident negotiated care plan.
(2) The assisted living facility is not required to supervise the activities of a person providing care or services to a resident when the resident, or legal representative, has independently arranged for or contracted with the person and the person is not directly or indirectly controlled or paid by the assisted living facility. However, the assisted living facility is required to coordinate services with such person to the extent allowed by the resident, or legal representative, and consistent with the resident's negotiated care plan. Further, the assisted living facility is required to observe the resident and respond appropriately to any changes in the resident's overall functioning consistent with chapter 70.129 RCW, this chapter, and rules adopted under this chapter.


Application2012 c 10: See note following RCW 18.20.010.
FindingsEffective date2003 c 231: See notes following RCW 18.20.020.
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