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(1) No bail bond agency license may be issued under the provisions of this chapter unless the qualified agent files with the director a bond, executed by a surety company authorized to do business in this state, in the sum of ten thousand dollars conditioned to recover against the agency and its servants, officers, agents, and employees by reason of its violation of the provisions of RCW 18.185.100. The bond shall be made payable to the state of Washington, and anyone so injured by the agency or its servants, officers, agents, or employees may bring suit upon the bond in any county in which jurisdiction over the licensee may be obtained. The suit must be brought not later than two years after the failure to return property in accordance with RCW 18.185.100. If valid claims against the bond exceed the amount of the bond or deposit, each claimant shall be entitled only to a pro rata amount, based on the amount of the claim as it is valid against the bond, without regard to the date of filing of any claim or action.
(2) Every licensed bail bond agency must at all times maintain on file with the director the bond required by this section in full force and effect. Upon failure by a licensee to do so, the director shall suspend the licensee's license and shall not reinstate the license until this requirement is met.
(3) In lieu of posting a bond, a qualified agent may deposit in an interest-bearing account, ten thousand dollars.
(4) The director may waive the bond requirements of this section, in his or her discretion, pursuant to adopted rules.
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