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License cards, certificatesAdvertisingNotice of changes.

(1) The director shall issue a bail bond agent license card to each licensed bail bond agent. A bail bond agent shall carry the license card whenever he or she is performing the duties of a bail bond agent and shall exhibit the card upon request.
(2) The director shall issue a license certificate to each licensed bail bond agency.
(a) Within seventy-two hours after receipt of the license certificate, the licensee shall post and display the certificate in a conspicuous place in the principal office of the licensee within the state.
(b) It is unlawful for any person holding a license certificate to knowingly and willfully post the license certificate upon premises other than those described in the license certificate or to materially alter a license certificate.
(c) Every advertisement by a licensee that solicits or advertises business shall contain the name of the licensee, the address of record, and the license number as they appear in the records of the director.
(d) The licensee shall notify the director within thirty days of any change in the licensee's officers or directors or any material change in the information furnished or required to be furnished to the director.
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