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Unprofessional, unlawful conduct or inability to practicePenalties.

Upon a finding that a license holder or applicant has committed unprofessional or unlawful conduct or is unable to practice with reasonable skill and safety due to a physical or mental condition, the director may issue an order providing for one or any combination of the following:
(1) Revocation of the license;
(2) Suspension of the license for a fixed or indefinite term;
(3) Restriction or limitation of the practice;
(4) Requiring the satisfactory completion of a specific program of remedial education or treatment;
(5) Monitoring of the practice by a supervisor approved by the director;
(6) Censure or reprimand;
(7) Compliance with conditions of probation for a designated period of time;
(8) Withholding a license request;
(9) Other corrective action;
(10) Refund of fees billed to and collected from the consumer; or
(11) Assessing administrative penalties.
Any of the actions under this section may be totally or partly stayed by the director. All costs associated with compliance with orders issued under this section are the obligation of the license holder or applicant.
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